28th July 2014

Time fliess..

Happy Raya Aidifiltri
As usual, a 2 days holidays for all the malaysian.
Back from random melaka trips
And I thought I could feel better
Yet, no improvement when compared with that of previous days

Its suppose to be a remarkable date for me and maybe her
Yet all the good memories did not happen
And it turn out to be an adverse version of my good and sweet dream
I touched her heart and did not touch her heart
Perhaps, everything is just a dream between me and her..
Frankly speaking, I am thinking of her every day and night
More time needed to fade out everything?
I really have no idea...
Is it I really couldn't do anything to get everything right on track?

Kinda not very smooth in this 2-3 months
Works delaying
My house delaying
My Project 02 delaying
Feeling shits

Wake up
Wake up

19th July 2014

Time fliesss..

Coming to the end of mid of month of 7th in 2014.
Real fast...

Left the one little corner, letting me to express myself to myself
No doubt and never doubt
One of most down moment at this moment
Even more down compared with that of previously, seriously... =X
Just when I thought, everyone thought that the fairy tale is starting and going to continue on
It stopped nowhere out of sudden

Knowing the truth inside her heart
Perhaps, I do only exist in her virtual world
Whereas in the real world, I'm just an excess to her, a real excess
Until I just cant say any word out of it.

You are saying that you believe that the happy life is always do what you like
But to be honest, I don't really feel that you are having a happy life as you thought of and desired for
You are living in a virtual world, that you keep evading problems, creating some fakes situation to yourself
And to making yourself believe that your world is a beautiful world.
You probably can go to do whatever you wanted to do
Without caring on anything,
Be sincere and ask yourself: are you very happy?
I just cant feel that you are happy with your life despite you keep telling me that you are happy
It just an imaginary that created by you to make yourself happy
I wouldn't tell this to you
Because who am I to you?

Don't worry, I wont hate you despite after all
I still making you as my friend
Not because of I like you
But is because of I'm Ooi Yuan

Mission completed
Live on
Live on
Live on
Time is running and is fast
Don't waste time