25th April 2014

Time flies..

Is been long long long long time since the last I post anything at here.
Terribly busy schedule i having since stepping into year 2014

Diversifying into multiple roles:
Starting from normal fresh graduate in July 2012
Slowly developing and shaping until up to date
From C&S Engineer & draughtperson (the most basic role),
to senior, project manager, architect, SO, son, grandson.......
and sometime 路人甲
Of course,
it may seems tiring
but its quite challenging and fun
as I get to learn and learn and learn as much as I could
Stay strong
Get stronger
Be strongest!

Is 25th april, 20-day after my 25th birthday
Just wondering where is my postcard?
Sent by an future architect, from Plymouth, UK
Quite surprising.. lol..
And Thanks for the surprise. =)

Tomorrow shall be the day of 8 day 8 night trips to taiwan with my uni mates.
Is going to be another great trip after the last we had in 2 years back.
lol.Safe flight and safe trip
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