23rd Feb 2014

Time flies...

Here come the last section of February in 2014,
Time just flies sooooooooooo fast...
Following are some quick updates and summaries for myself.

A lot of thing to be done
Particular in this year, My golden year
If i were to pass my upcoming month as per what I gone through in my first two months
Then i strongly believe,
I will just remained at my current position in next year

Workload from workplace are increasing drastically
And showing no signage of slowing down
And this consumed large portion of my daily life
No doubt, I should hardworking, hardworking and hardworking at this moment
Somehow, I realized and I asked myself: am I heading the right direction to achieve my goals?
I reach to a point, where I believe I still in the right direction to achieve my goals, but I yet to activate the main key to achieve my goal. At this moment, I still lack of some ingredients to cook out the goal. I would need to allocate some time to find the ingredient and cook out my main dish.

Something is going on without my knowledge?
I have no idea. Will just stay tuned until the right time to know the untold.
Not sure whether is a curse or what, or rather it is a typical characteristic
A Thousand Years