26th January 2014

Time fliess...

Countdown 4 days to CNY 2014
Talking on my works
Is pleased that all the works are inline with my targeted schedule
Expecting to free myself from its before CNY. =)

Its seems that this is the nature behaviour of every human?
Not sure of it, But I have seen alot
Time to be calm
And start to think deeply
Than putting myself rushy and bang into deep shit

Why design a corbel when I could one beam and solve the problem?
Why raft foundation when beam + pad footing could solve the problem?
Signage of too rushy, putting myself into big round
Rather than Keep it simple stupid (KISS) ?

As mentioned, this shall be my year
Shall design a system to myself
Where this system shall be the leader to lead myself to my path
Time other than working time shall be the golden time for me
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