20th Jan 2014

Time flies...

Made the decision on last Saturday
Decided to give some financial support to 2nd UTAR Build and Break Competition 2014
Its not really the matter on the amount or money,
but is the matter on how its could be utilized and the effects.
As stated: inheritance of the will
UTAR Build and Break Competition Funds
The funds, which established by CI 08
With the objective of encouraging the juniors to organize more event in the campus compound
And to develop their interest on developing soft skill, problem modelling and solving and stimulate unsupervised learning culture
And now the funds starting to yield its objectives.

Macam mana macam mana macam mana
Hari kian hari\
Perasaan ini terus menghantui fikiran saya
Apakah situasi yang sebenar buat masa ini?
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