16th Jan 2013

Time flies..

Coming to the end of working day for this week
As tomorrow is Thaipusam day, which is p.holiday for selected states
So today is bonus giving day
Little bit surprise to my bonus
Or, on the other hand
I shall said
All my hard works are being recognized and appreciated by company
Nevertheless, I shall continue to improve myself
Particularly on my weakness/strength

Frankly speaking,
My mind is in mess to certain extent
Which sometime I may try to neglect/avoid its
What will I be at the age of 25?
As compared with last year
I could foresee that I will have more time
Particular during weekend
As I spent most of my weekend for last year in my MIF
Since I have done with my MIF, I shall have more time
Which I'm able to allocate for..

As for this year, the age of 25
I certainly wish to have something more challenging and meaningful in my life
Always believe on myself
Be confident
Know what I'm doing
Do the right thing at right time
I shall believe this year will be a wonderful and marvelous year as ever. =)
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