14th Jan 2014

Time fliess...

CNY is reaching in about 2 weeks time
Hopefully the bads will end at here
And herewith after will be the starting of the GOODss

Nephew is warded due to Epilepsy (Sawan)
Really hopefully he will be fine and as cheerful and active as before. 

Finally obtained the land title
Despite is a temporary one
Submission still can be done at this moment
While waiting for the final title

Been thinking the words of my buddy, Lek Mon
Since the day he told me 
About the secret.
Is clueless on how should I react to the secret.
Despite we never contact since D-Day
Is been one year +

No doubt...
Am i ever forgot about her?
The answer shall be no
Am i ever miss her?
The answer shall be yes
How I wish this relationship can be more simplified
Or perhaps a more complicated will actually add more colours to our life?
A very good question for myself to end my day for now..

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