26th January 2014

Time fliess...

Countdown 4 days to CNY 2014
Talking on my works
Is pleased that all the works are inline with my targeted schedule
Expecting to free myself from its before CNY. =)

Its seems that this is the nature behaviour of every human?
Not sure of it, But I have seen alot
Time to be calm
And start to think deeply
Than putting myself rushy and bang into deep shit

Why design a corbel when I could one beam and solve the problem?
Why raft foundation when beam + pad footing could solve the problem?
Signage of too rushy, putting myself into big round
Rather than Keep it simple stupid (KISS) ?

As mentioned, this shall be my year
Shall design a system to myself
Where this system shall be the leader to lead myself to my path
Time other than working time shall be the golden time for me

20th Jan 2014

Time flies...

Made the decision on last Saturday
Decided to give some financial support to 2nd UTAR Build and Break Competition 2014
Its not really the matter on the amount or money,
but is the matter on how its could be utilized and the effects.
As stated: inheritance of the will
UTAR Build and Break Competition Funds
The funds, which established by CI 08
With the objective of encouraging the juniors to organize more event in the campus compound
And to develop their interest on developing soft skill, problem modelling and solving and stimulate unsupervised learning culture
And now the funds starting to yield its objectives.

Macam mana macam mana macam mana
Hari kian hari\
Perasaan ini terus menghantui fikiran saya
Apakah situasi yang sebenar buat masa ini?

16th Jan 2013

Time flies..

Coming to the end of working day for this week
As tomorrow is Thaipusam day, which is p.holiday for selected states
So today is bonus giving day
Little bit surprise to my bonus
Or, on the other hand
I shall said
All my hard works are being recognized and appreciated by company
Nevertheless, I shall continue to improve myself
Particularly on my weakness/strength

Frankly speaking,
My mind is in mess to certain extent
Which sometime I may try to neglect/avoid its
What will I be at the age of 25?
As compared with last year
I could foresee that I will have more time
Particular during weekend
As I spent most of my weekend for last year in my MIF
Since I have done with my MIF, I shall have more time
Which I'm able to allocate for..

As for this year, the age of 25
I certainly wish to have something more challenging and meaningful in my life
Always believe on myself
Be confident
Know what I'm doing
Do the right thing at right time
I shall believe this year will be a wonderful and marvelous year as ever. =)

14th Jan 2014

Time fliess...

CNY is reaching in about 2 weeks time
Hopefully the bads will end at here
And herewith after will be the starting of the GOODss

Nephew is warded due to Epilepsy (Sawan)
Really hopefully he will be fine and as cheerful and active as before. 

Finally obtained the land title
Despite is a temporary one
Submission still can be done at this moment
While waiting for the final title

Been thinking the words of my buddy, Lek Mon
Since the day he told me 
About the secret.
Is clueless on how should I react to the secret.
Despite we never contact since D-Day
Is been one year +

No doubt...
Am i ever forgot about her?
The answer shall be no
Am i ever miss her?
The answer shall be yes
How I wish this relationship can be more simplified
Or perhaps a more complicated will actually add more colours to our life?
A very good question for myself to end my day for now..


Time flies..

Here come the year of 2014/25

Year 2013
A year which comprises of up and down
and that is life right

In year 2013,
I mainly focus on 2 thing: my study and my works

Thankfully, I managed to gaodim my Master in Finance at the end of 2013
And right now I am master in finance? lol
Long way to go.
Shall wait for my convocation in coming May. =)

Whereas for my works.
Slow and slow
Rising and emerging in very fast pace. lol
Still got much to learn
Particularly in term of communication and dealing with people such as authority
I shall be more firm and confident
Shall tend to say no rather than keep say ok.. LOL
And again
Time flies..
This year shall be the 2nd year of my working life, since my graduation
Nevertheless, my career still in very positive pathway
Somehow, I shall achieve a breakthrough in my career, in this Year!

Is time to go for a relaxing trip
To relax and breakthrough my mind

First priority and to do list in Year 2014 shall be design and build my House
Never know that
I can have the opportunity to meroboh and membina semula my house..
I know I will have the opportunity, just that, it came quite early.. lol
3 Storey Semi-D concept bungalow
This shall be my first meroboh and membina
And i shall have more and more of this kind of opportunities..
And it will keep going, keep keep going
Nevertheless, still got much more to do for the first time
Architectural, Interior Design, Structural Design, M&E, Planner, Surveyor and etc...

Second Priority and to do list in Year 2014 shall be start my investment in finance
I always believe one shall have the basic knowledge of economic and finance
Because that shall be the roots of operation of the world in this modern era since the born of the world.
I strongly believe that with the combination of my interest + my knowledge + the ease of getting information from all around the world,
I could create huge impact from here.
Hence, start to relish it in this Golden Horse Year.