8th Dec 2013

Time fliess..

One and a half year
Crossed the last hurdle
and right now sprinting full speed to the finishing line
Done the group presentation for the so called thesis paper: Business Strategic Project
And left about the final report and one individual assignment
Which due by 19th December, 12pm, THE FINISHING LINE!

No doubt
For the past one and a half year
Its always been a tiring period
Particularly when I have to work on weekday
And attend class on weekend
Even though is alternative week
Yet, still not really got much time to take rest
After busy working days.

So, What next?
Somehow, second master did came across my mind
Yet, looking at the larger picture
Its seems not the right time yet to do master in civil
Probably due to I have the other planning in my mind
Which I will rather not too diversify my focus

Year 2013
Is going to the end
and follow by new year, 2014

Discipline, Determination, Desire, Believe, Action
Are the right ingredients
Yes, right ingredients
Go get them and level myself to higher level and stage

Another to do list: Design my house in term of architectural, interior, civil and structures
Is everyone's DREAM
which I'm pretty glad it so happen that I will relish it so soon.


1st December 2013

Time flies...

1st day of last month in 2013
Is the last month of 2013
The time seems like moving at an exceptional speed

Is busy sunday
whereby I work up quite early
As I planned to go to office to 'work'
And I have to go for a site visit
and I have a pre-presentation on tomorrow?
And yet I have really look into it.. :p

Actually there are alot of thing keep turning in my mind
Square of zero
Square of one
Square of two
and this continuous....

If I regard 1st Day of last month as the born of upgraded lim's
Then, I should take one or even two step up as from now on
Continue my journey
Verb of the day!

Be Strong
Be Strong
Be Strong!