30th September 2013

Time flies...

Alright, its left 3 months to go
before the end of 2013

September September September
Out of no where
Its gave me WOWssss
in term of +ve and -ve ways..

3 relatives: 2 uncle and 1 cousin
Pass away in within a week
Not a joke
Condolences and RIP

Be tough and strong
At least, I still have some +ve WOW

Is the beginning of my pathway, toward creating MIS
Hopefully everything goes smoothly
And I shall have some good news and planing in year 2014
YEAR 2014, definitely will be my YEAR, BETTER THAN BEFORE!

Be Hardworking,
Be Strong,
Be Tough,
Be Fast,
Be Dynamic

人,最重要是会发梦 只要有梦想 朝着梦想 肯坚持去做 就会实现自己的梦想

Paving my journey
Hold onto it
And climb to the TOP.
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