12th September 2013

Time flies...

I knew that time do flies
Just that
I never know it flies in such a speed

Changes is the only constant in this world
Time flies = thing changed = it never going to be the same as initial
Anyhow, this cycle SHOCKED me.. lol

Is September 2013
Which means it left about 3 months to go in this year
Macam ini tak boleh, tak jadi
Because up to date, no WOW for this year
Other than work+work+work only

I do remember what I have said to myself
And I do know what you are thinking
Just that...hmmmm....
I knew my position
Nothing more than a stranger

Certainly, I shall further improve myself
Starting from NOW!
No doubt, it should started quite some time ago
Just that, is time to awake
And keep on my journey
Rather than put the DREAM into DREAMATION

- Commit myself to all the due date I agreed, no excuses, no reason
- No evade, face it, fail it and restart it
- Be more responsible to myself
- Be fast, and fast, and fast
- Don't think, Just do it

It left about 3 months
Be mentally and physically prepared
Be Strong
Be Tough
Be Proven
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