20th June 2013

Time flies..

Time flies way too fast
Until I still couldn't believe tomorrow is Friday AGAIN
What I had done in this past week
It seems that I passes the day with very busy moment
But when I recall back the days
I just cant remember how much work or thing I had done

This is a serious warning?
Perhaps is a yes for me
Its bring the mean of the gain and return aren't equivalent for the efforts and energy I paid

Is now or never?
Show and Prove my abilities.. ^^

12 June 2013

Time flies..
And the time really flies...

Thinking the day of my last post
And thinking up to date
Is been long long long time
I did not update any post over here

6th month in 2013
over the first half of the year
All my life is about working + studying only
Whereas is going to be my 1st year exp in consulting industry

Have no idea since when there is a big changes on myself
Until my friend noticed me
And I strongly believe the changes will be a good good side

And with this changes
I strongly believe that the 天时 have come
Be more determine
Be more well plan
Be more alert
Be more observative
Walk toward my 大业