23rd December 2012

Time flies...

One week to new year
Time fliesssssss....
Year 2012 is coming to the end
The so called end of the world did not come true
Sure la..
Aboh I also cant update my blog.. :p

Thinking to make a conclusion of myself in year 2012
Somehow, abit too early?
Maybe still have sometime for me to do something important with the remaining days in year 2012

Realized that for every thing which I said will be done on the next day
It would never be done
As this is what we called as take it granted as we knew we still have to the next day to do it
But the next day may have new thing to do
And at the end, work done = 0 N
Typical failure characteristic...

Is time for me to go sleep
Tomorrow will better than today
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