28th November 2012

Time flies..

The amount of time
We talk to each other
Seems like getting lesser and lesser. =X
Not really a good sign nor symptom nor feeling
Don't really wish to ask her everytime:
"At home?" "At home?" "At home?"

Starting to think deeply and seriously
About me and her in long term
The on-going situation definitely bring negative effects
Yes, she have yet to nod her head yet
So... which position do I stand?

The distance between me and her
Isn't like the distance between Klang and PJ
We are stayed apart by Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Johor and a sea
Not a distance where when I wanna meet up, then we could meet up for dinner, movie or walk walk.

Don't really wanted to pile any pressure or stress on her
Just, maybe she need time to change from current situation
Or she isn't ready in starting a new relationship yet =X

What miracle isn't that we have meet up
What miracle is that we have appeared in each other life
I shall give u more time, and have faith on u.
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