30th November

Time flies..

Is the last day of 11th month in 2012
Is friday
Is 11pm
Tomorrow will be the final exam for ADM
Still preparing for it
And at least, I'm better and more concentrated compared with yesterday

Stick back to economic principle
And it somehow can answer all the oxymoron questions in perfect way
For once, we are close, then we are anonymous to each other
And for again, we are even more closer, then right now, we became even more anonymous to each other in just a moment time
I just hate this feeling so much
Same feeling as a year before

To be honest
I'm real noob in handling all this kind of relationship stuff
And that costs everything
Is a big lie for saying that I'm ok for now
Time will gaodim the aftermath

I'm tired............

29th November 2012

Time flies...

Once again...
The bad feeling has turn out to be the true one
The only comfort to myself is maybe my prediction still sharp =X
And the bad mouth still as bad as before

A good or a bad?
Looking at good side
Perhaps I can be more focus on my study and career
Look at the bad side
Never ever look at bad side
The BF, will remaining at that level: best friend

Do appreciate the chance given by her
And appreciate the efforts from Jye Yng and Lek Mon as well.

Time to turn my direction to saturday final
Start my preparation since monday
And shall be in full throttle condition during second last day
Anyhow, wish her be happy always
And wish me to be stronger that before.

28th November 2012

Time flies..

The amount of time
We talk to each other
Seems like getting lesser and lesser. =X
Not really a good sign nor symptom nor feeling
Don't really wish to ask her everytime:
"At home?" "At home?" "At home?"

Starting to think deeply and seriously
About me and her in long term
The on-going situation definitely bring negative effects
Yes, she have yet to nod her head yet
So... which position do I stand?

The distance between me and her
Isn't like the distance between Klang and PJ
We are stayed apart by Melaka, Negri Sembilan, Johor and a sea
Not a distance where when I wanna meet up, then we could meet up for dinner, movie or walk walk.

Don't really wanted to pile any pressure or stress on her
Just, maybe she need time to change from current situation
Or she isn't ready in starting a new relationship yet =X

What miracle isn't that we have meet up
What miracle is that we have appeared in each other life
I shall give u more time, and have faith on u.

25th November

Time flies...

Weekend is ending soon
And will back to work again 2molo
3 more weeks to go
And I am going to SG again
To find her. haha
Just keep faith on how far we can go
Just keep believe on how far we can go

21st November 2012

Time flies..

Second post of the month
Finally, is time for me to blog something memorable, haha!

The miracle isn't that we have meet up
The miracle is that we appears in each other life

Went to Singapore last week
To find her.
Something which I still disbelieve it actually happened
But, believe on me, it happened
Feel a bit paiseh and shy on the first day night.. >.<
Where I jio-ed her for dinner after her work
Went to 15-minutes cafe to have our dinner
And we exchanged gift.. lol
See-ing her quite tired after work
Don't really wish to keep her long
Because I wish she could get enough rest especially after works

Went to sentosa on the next day
and we have the couple, Jye Yng and Billy joined us
Somehow, the weather don't looks good
Rain when we wish to have some walk at outside
Managed to have some walk at vivo mall

Went out with her to Mustafa Mall at night
As she wanted to buy a bigger mug
Because the current she using kinda small, cant contain large enough volume of her fav white coffee
lol.. she is so cute.. haha
Somehow, we couldn't find it at mustafa mall after search for some time
Send her back after that
I walked to starbuck and buy a mug for her
And, just wanted she to be happy

Bought bus ticket on next day
Is 1.30pm bus
Thinking still got some time before that
So, Jio-ed her for lunch
Somehow she sleep quite long.. lol
Well, her weekend, wanted her to have longer sleep after working tirely
Than wake up early and accompany me
She managed to woke up before I leave
And she sent me to mrt.. loll

Well, the 3 days is our very first time
not to said very happening
But quite memorable for me.. haha
Doesn't know how she think
Hopefully she have same thinking as mine.. xp
Let it be
Grow gradually

See u in December again
Miss ya... =)

4th November 2012

Time flies...

Well, it has been quite some time since i leaved my last post in my blog
Is the 11th month of 2012
Time flies..
Reaching the ending of year 2012
and haha
2013 coming!
0.88% only.. pengsan, seeing the slowpoke rate of increment

Averagely, I wasted 4 hours daily
And this literally showing not really a good sign for me
As time being wasted
When I supposingly should be utilize it

Tomorrow is 5th November:
Wish her have a great start for her work in sg
121104 When Ir. Meets Ar.
Have pride on what you have come
Have faith on what you can go!
Shall meet up with you in less than 2 weeks time. =)