1st October 2012

Time flies..

1st October
8 months to go
0.66% of target
an increase of 0.22% from 0.44%
and the worse form of so called investment
Which u spent ur whole month time+energy+sleeping
Just for a mere little return

I'm just so tired and exhausted..
Yet, I really cant even find a single time
For me to actually relax and rest
look up on myself to high
Or... certainly
I cant even describe how i wan to be
How am i thinking
How am i doing
I am just a 125x300 column
yet should sustain a high rise loads + unlimited times of external load applying perpendicular to me

Just how I wish that I could escape from this mess badly
Go to penang
find  someone which is important for me
somehow, what is my position from her point of view
only she know....
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