26th October 2012

Time flies...

Just realized
My blog wasn't update for some time. =X
And so today is time to update my recent status

A day to remember
Said out what is inside my heart
Feel relieve
and excitement + happy!

We may not meet up that often
We may keep apart for some time
Hard work+Believe = beautiful ending which we are looking on.

Time to sleep.

8th October 2012

Time flies...

out of sudden
Got a strong feeling
Foreseeing the beautiful rainbow is fading
After seeing the response shown
Maybe the myth isn't true enough
Or I am stepping the cloud instead of the earth

T25 bars can be very strong
However, as the stress exceed yield stress
It still yielded.. regardless how strong it is

What is life?
To live for my own?
To live for other people?
To live on my own due to other people?


1st October 2012

Time flies..

1st October
8 months to go
0.66% of target
an increase of 0.22% from 0.44%
and the worse form of so called investment
Which u spent ur whole month time+energy+sleeping
Just for a mere little return

I'm just so tired and exhausted..
Yet, I really cant even find a single time
For me to actually relax and rest
look up on myself to high
Or... certainly
I cant even describe how i wan to be
How am i thinking
How am i doing
I am just a 125x300 column
yet should sustain a high rise loads + unlimited times of external load applying perpendicular to me

Just how I wish that I could escape from this mess badly
Go to penang
find  someone which is important for me
somehow, what is my position from her point of view
only she know....