4th September 2012

Time flies...

I can relate what has happened today to life
Receive order from Ashok to a site inspection at Setia Eco Park
A place which I quite familiar
But not the way from office to there
Google-ed map the route
And missed the turning point at Federal highway
Continue on the journey without making any u-turn
Take another route bravely
Which I have zero knowledge on it
End up I entered NKVE, the highway which I supposingly in if wanted to goto Setia Eco Park

Starting to feel that
Sometime, is ok to take wrong step
Human being, zero error is impossible
Most importantly, the wrong step may lead to another bright step
In which
At the end, we still reach the destination
Most importantly, never give up
Although we have zero knowledge aka unsure bout the step taken
Whether is correct or wrong
Try and find out
The answer

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