22nd September 2012

Time flies..

Rush, rush and rush
Was rushing my works especially in this 2 weeks
Something like everything have to done in a same period of time
Somehow, realized that I am more relax when I was given a deadline on my work
As I knew the due date and I could plan on my work
Rather than tak tau the due date and everyday have to work and stress on it
As most importantly, all the work done in within time frame

A thought
Which flashed through my mind while doing my work on last 2 day
The first time...
Maybe not really the right timing yet

Yesterday browsed through a senior fb profile
Read his profile
And 'wow'
lol.. maybe this is the 'wow' factor mentioned by my lecturer
Somehow, really impressed with his achievement especially at such young age
Thinking whether I can done better than him?
Well, I definitely believe I could done better than him
As if from the initial, I don't even believe on myself
I would rather just bang myself to the wall..
The 'wow' factor in my life...
A worthy question to think
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