22nd September 2012

Time flies..

Rush, rush and rush
Was rushing my works especially in this 2 weeks
Something like everything have to done in a same period of time
Somehow, realized that I am more relax when I was given a deadline on my work
As I knew the due date and I could plan on my work
Rather than tak tau the due date and everyday have to work and stress on it
As most importantly, all the work done in within time frame

A thought
Which flashed through my mind while doing my work on last 2 day
The first time...
Maybe not really the right timing yet

Yesterday browsed through a senior fb profile
Read his profile
And 'wow'
lol.. maybe this is the 'wow' factor mentioned by my lecturer
Somehow, really impressed with his achievement especially at such young age
Thinking whether I can done better than him?
Well, I definitely believe I could done better than him
As if from the initial, I don't even believe on myself
I would rather just bang myself to the wall..
The 'wow' factor in my life...
A worthy question to think

17th September 2012

Time flies..

Enough is enough
Promise myself
Today is the last day I give myself
Millions reasons to cover up my slack and laziness
I seriously have to step out the first step
Not only that
I have to take giant leap
In order to achieve my target in within the timeline
Up to date
Target achieved: 0.43% only (100%!)
Ways to go...

Observation proven
The stupidest is the smartest
True story
I can observe the differentiation after the integration

Never ever forgot the origin
Find back my confident
I'm the one
Who can create something out of nothing

15th September 2012

Time flies..

Is an ordinary Saturday
Attending my class from 9am to 5pm
Is organisational management class
The way the lecturer conduct the class
Is sort of attending soft skill programs
Kinda like it
keep yawning the whole class
Due to lack of sleeping + little bit boring actually
As for the whole day
The whole class was listening to the lecturer only
Without any brain exercise = time to sleep
Learned a lot of life theories and exp from the experience lecturer
Somehow, I did actually motivated by his so called lecture
Perhaps, the right bang after moving slowly towards the comfort zone

Will be the age of 24 in next year
What am I doing at the age of 24?
How do I see myself at the age of 24?
I wish to said it out loudly:

10th September 2012

Time flies...

Whats in my mind
Full of unlimited
Perhaps, dreaming as well

Nothing wrong when I dream big
The only wrong thing is dream without finite execution
I need some time
And trust as well
Just a little will do

4th September 2012

Time flies...

I can relate what has happened today to life
Receive order from Ashok to a site inspection at Setia Eco Park
A place which I quite familiar
But not the way from office to there
Google-ed map the route
And missed the turning point at Federal highway
Continue on the journey without making any u-turn
Take another route bravely
Which I have zero knowledge on it
End up I entered NKVE, the highway which I supposingly in if wanted to goto Setia Eco Park

Starting to feel that
Sometime, is ok to take wrong step
Human being, zero error is impossible
Most importantly, the wrong step may lead to another bright step
In which
At the end, we still reach the destination
Most importantly, never give up
Although we have zero knowledge aka unsure bout the step taken
Whether is correct or wrong
Try and find out
The answer

2nd September 2012

Time flies...

When running a losses
And TVC > TR
Shut down the operation
Not worth for me
To continue operate it
As the forecasted result
Using concurrent data
Shows TR is 100% impossible to exceed TVC
Unless changes made
Somehow, I still hold onto my believe
Unfold the untold

Step into 9th month of 2012
Time flies...
Is the 3rd month in Perunding CSS
So far so good
Yet, I still have to brush up in everything
Still fresh
Still a lot to learn

Due in 1 month time for the beginning
Due in 3 month time for the year 2012
Due in 8 month time for the 1st stop of 24 years old