14th August 2012

Time flies..

For the first time
Since start working
I wish the raya holiday can come soon
So that I can have more sleeping time
Kinda have a lot of outstanding works
Trying to finish up all in very fast
Somehow, time was consumed in no idea way
2 assignments, which haven't touch at all
Plus the Kinrara Bungalow Project

A quite complicated bungalow project compare to the usual bungalow i designed
This one included curve beam, semi circle shape, and the latest, corbel
Spend whole office hour, designing 9 curve beams.. kinda shock
Glad that I was holding the structural design handbook day and night for the past few days
And most importantly, I 'common sensely' understand how to design the curve beam
Next, semi circle slab and the corbel
Hopefully I can improve my working speed

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