26th August 2012

Time flies...

Time really flies..
A week passes
Like nobody business
Looking at my eye dark circle through the mirror
I knew
For no changes
I am putting myself in serious trouble

There is a small drop for my productivity recently
My super cells seems to be overloaded with my activities
Maybe, is time for me to take a small rest throughout the coming week
Before I depart from my rest point
And continue on my journey
My colourful life journey

The rumors are spreading
They said......
But the actual, I seriously have no idea

23rd August 2012

Time flies...

Today is the 7th day in July in Chinese Calender
Most renown known as 七夕节
As most of the people will relate it to love life
I would preferably relate it as family day
But this relation probably only limited to childhood memories

Is going to be end of the month
And I have to make quite decisive decision
Just too many options available
Doesn't want to have any or even little regret on my choice

My 乔装, which I have wear it for long long long long long long time
Starting to be rip off slowly, day by day
Good thing? Bad thing?
Be Positive
Be Alert
Be Stupid and be smart

19th August 2012

Time flies..

Is Hari Raya Aidilfitri
And  is time to say: Maaf Zahir dan Batin
Forgive me for any wrong doing in the past 1 year

When my idea, concept and proposal is being accepted
A dream which halted for few months
Back to my mind
Reform the world construction industry
To more cost effective and efficient construction
And at the same time provide better and more comfortable living ambiance and environment to each family

I really need large enough of braveness and encouragement
To take out the first step
Am I ready for all the challenge including possible success or disappointment?
Lacking confident and maybe desire are killing off my dream silently
On the other hand means the biggest enemy is still myself

15th August 2012

Time flies..

If I continue to delay or procrastinate
I believe
One day when I old
My plan is still a plan only
Because zero execution from the beginning till the end

I'm just a stupid person
Who only know work hard
Who only know never give up
Who only know be confident
Who only know be optimistic

Failure cant be avoid
But can be minimize
Through learning, experience and mentally strong

Shall start the journey of 第一桶金......

14th August 2012

Time flies..

For the first time
Since start working
I wish the raya holiday can come soon
So that I can have more sleeping time
Kinda have a lot of outstanding works
Trying to finish up all in very fast
Somehow, time was consumed in no idea way
2 assignments, which haven't touch at all
Plus the Kinrara Bungalow Project

A quite complicated bungalow project compare to the usual bungalow i designed
This one included curve beam, semi circle shape, and the latest, corbel
Spend whole office hour, designing 9 curve beams.. kinda shock
Glad that I was holding the structural design handbook day and night for the past few days
And most importantly, I 'common sensely' understand how to design the curve beam
Next, semi circle slab and the corbel
Hopefully I can improve my working speed


7th August 2012

Time flies...

Is a new month
I should must
Upgrade myself
In term of
Soft skills

To keep up the promise
To myself
To her
To my family
To my friends
And to anyone.