7th July 2012

Time flies..

Is being busy for the past whole week
As I started my career
As design engineer at a Civil and Structural consulting firm, Perunding CSS, Puchong
Is a small and still expanding firm,
Yet, the very young and energetic spirit and culture make the whole office very lively..
4 young boss, 4 young engineers, 2 draftsmen, 1 trainee and 1 admin
So, everyday I'm learning
Hopefully I could fit myself well into my company ASAP

Time pass a bit too fast?
Whenever during kid
I always, maybe not only me, as I believe a lot of people also think in the same way
The time pass too slow
But as we grow up
1 day is still 24 hours
But it seems like the time pass too fast

Whichever activity, which in not really necessary category
Should be reduce
Perhaps, limteh/yumcha?
Perhaps, basketball?
Perhaps, facebook?

Whichever activity, which is in the necessary category
Should be increase
Perhaps, sleeping?
Perhaps, working hours?
Perhaps, research?

Sometimes yes
Sometimes no
Not the right one
Is thinking which economic term best describe my situation
TR < VC, yet, I didnt shut it down.
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