1st July 2012

Time flies..

Is the second half of the year
And the first half of the my year ended with colourful and extraordinary adventure and experiences
Mainly in my academic

Well, the second half of the year
Will mainly focus on my career
As an Civil & Structural Engineer

Back from 2 days 1 night journey to north
A very random trip
Our plan: KL -> Penang
At the end,
It turn out to be Ipoh -> Taiping -> Tambun -> Bukit Mertajam -> Penang, Batu ferringhi
Where the whole journey took bout 12 hours
This is what will happen
If you never plan a trip
And u are going with a bunch of crazy fellow...

Doesn't know how long
Will the situation will continue.....
Before I really burst out
An incident
Which shall stop n-times ago
Still continue for n-times
Where the n represent the word 'long'

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