14th July 2012

Time flies..

Almost freak out by my blog
As I typed my blog address
And it come out with a page wrote: the blog has been removed.. O.O
Quickly log in to my account
And founded out my account was suspended due to suspicious activity... -.-''
No idea how this situation happened
And wondering what my brother did on my laptop....

2 weeks of working as Structural Engineer
Not so busy yet
Perhaps maybe due to boss not around most of the time
Consequently, not much tasks assigned to me
Well, hopefully will better in coming weeks

Although not so busy yet on my work
But kinda busy during off work time
As I have to manage my study, my fitness, my sleeping
And sometime be tutor and 'gunner' for my friends.. lol..
Hoping that I could spend some time on starting my research
In which I haven start it at all...
The timing is about just right if start from now

Certainly, should cut down entertainment time to the lowest and most minimum
One shouldn't do the thing which only will do after success
As I'm 23 years old for this year
What am I doing at the age of 24 years old?
Certainly, never ever forget the beginning of the point
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