30th July 2012

Time flies...

Prema ki hala...
satya - satya'i
ami ekata katha

kichu'i bhula
jan'ya ekajana byaktira upara patanasila
ekati bhula kintu patanasila
satyi'i pagala apanake tariye

gatakala posta theke caliye
ami icchuka ami take balena uccarabe a'uta hate pare
ami bijnapana apani saksat kara
ami apani phsakana
ebam ami apani cinta khepa
bisesata yakhana ami janatama hala nisuti ekhano, apani phire barite na
ami satyi'i icchuka apani ki janena ye ami cinta karachi
ebam amake balabena ki apani kaja karachena yemana ami eka i pare

ami jani
ami bhula byakti pachanda
E'i sampurna ekata camatkara dbidha bodha na
tarapara mara mara
kibhabe ami icchuka ami ta karate pare
ami jharera jana

e'i muhurte
ami sudhumatra icchuka
ami apani katha balate parena
Ebam ami apani dekhate parena
Ebam apani khusi
ebam ami sabe e' dekhuna sukhi habena
apani snehamaya
prayojana ne'i, apani sange habe
E'i hala e'i jan'ya sabaceye bhalo samadhana
kona upasanhara sange samparka

29th July 2012

Time flies..

Reaching the end of the month
Is a very packed and busy month for me
Too bad, can't split myself to two part
So that I could do more thing. XD
Stress? Wasn't too stress as being relax myself
Or in other word not putting too much on myself
Just, be simple and yet the best

Today is UTAR Sports Carnival 2012
And once again, UTAR Setapak is the overall champion again
The 4th consecutive year, 2009-2012
Congratz and well done

Witness insecurity
1+1 not equal to 2
Knowing the false of the start
Yet I still approaching it
The theory of economic explained it?
I couldn't deny the fact

22nd July 2012

Time flies..

Tomorrow will be the 4th weeks of my career in Perunding CSS
Time flies..
Starting to settle down
And familiar with my work
Yet, I still have a lot to learn
Appreciate the patience teaching and help from Ashok and Justin

There are a lot of question marks in my mind
Perhaps he is right?
"Desire" isn't found in myself
No matter how ambitious am I
Without with which the ambitious thinking will always remains as a dream world
Or the comfort zone which today will remain as today on tomorrow
Do the right thing at right time
Or do the right thing prepare for the right time

Is time,
To once again prove myself
I can done the miracle using my way
Rainbow life...

16th July 2012

Time flies...

The importance of back mountain
The importance of result
The importance of achievement
The theory of monopoly


Shall determine and prove the value of myself...

14th July 2012

Time flies..

Almost freak out by my blog
As I typed my blog address
And it come out with a page wrote: the blog has been removed.. O.O
Quickly log in to my account
And founded out my account was suspended due to suspicious activity... -.-''
No idea how this situation happened
And wondering what my brother did on my laptop....

2 weeks of working as Structural Engineer
Not so busy yet
Perhaps maybe due to boss not around most of the time
Consequently, not much tasks assigned to me
Well, hopefully will better in coming weeks

Although not so busy yet on my work
But kinda busy during off work time
As I have to manage my study, my fitness, my sleeping
And sometime be tutor and 'gunner' for my friends.. lol..
Hoping that I could spend some time on starting my research
In which I haven start it at all...
The timing is about just right if start from now

Certainly, should cut down entertainment time to the lowest and most minimum
One shouldn't do the thing which only will do after success
As I'm 23 years old for this year
What am I doing at the age of 24 years old?
Certainly, never ever forget the beginning of the point

7th July 2012

Time flies..

Is being busy for the past whole week
As I started my career
As design engineer at a Civil and Structural consulting firm, Perunding CSS, Puchong
Is a small and still expanding firm,
Yet, the very young and energetic spirit and culture make the whole office very lively..
4 young boss, 4 young engineers, 2 draftsmen, 1 trainee and 1 admin
So, everyday I'm learning
Hopefully I could fit myself well into my company ASAP

Time pass a bit too fast?
Whenever during kid
I always, maybe not only me, as I believe a lot of people also think in the same way
The time pass too slow
But as we grow up
1 day is still 24 hours
But it seems like the time pass too fast

Whichever activity, which in not really necessary category
Should be reduce
Perhaps, limteh/yumcha?
Perhaps, basketball?
Perhaps, facebook?

Whichever activity, which is in the necessary category
Should be increase
Perhaps, sleeping?
Perhaps, working hours?
Perhaps, research?

Sometimes yes
Sometimes no
Not the right one
Is thinking which economic term best describe my situation
TR < VC, yet, I didnt shut it down.

1st July 2012

Time flies..

Is the second half of the year
And the first half of the my year ended with colourful and extraordinary adventure and experiences
Mainly in my academic

Well, the second half of the year
Will mainly focus on my career
As an Civil & Structural Engineer

Back from 2 days 1 night journey to north
A very random trip
Our plan: KL -> Penang
At the end,
It turn out to be Ipoh -> Taiping -> Tambun -> Bukit Mertajam -> Penang, Batu ferringhi
Where the whole journey took bout 12 hours
This is what will happen
If you never plan a trip
And u are going with a bunch of crazy fellow...

Doesn't know how long
Will the situation will continue.....
Before I really burst out
An incident
Which shall stop n-times ago
Still continue for n-times
Where the n represent the word 'long'