7th June 2012

Time flies...

2molo is Fridayy..
A day which every working person looking toward it?
Perhaps soon I'm one of it? XD
Maybe yes maybe no
Depend on the job I have
As I haven't apply any of them
Still considering some concerns on the travelling time issue

A question to myself:
What am I doing at the age of 24?
How the whole industry will change?
What will my achievement in by age of 24?
Change + determination -> Improve

One thing I understand is
The oldest age people worked hard and earned hard
And store their money in bank
While the modern people think hard
To generate income for their own, using people money, by promising them with 'attractive' return
Which this agreement was tied to a lot of restrictions
Through the middle man and rewarding the middle man with even higher rewards than the owner?
The game of paper, which create imaginary economic
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