3rd June 2012

Time flies..

Have a big big BBQ at my house
On yesterday
With a bunch of seniors, coursemate, juniors and lab officer
After yesterday
Unsure when we will have such gathering
Or greater gathering

Busy growing my mushroom today
Woke up at about 2.30pm
As expected
Immune system disordering again
Due to the alcohol on yesterday BBQ
Feel kinda weak
Doesn't want to work anything
Just sleep whole day

Emo? Emo?! Emo?!?
Well, I wouldn't said I'm emo..
Because I din't emo also.. haha
Maybe this is the transition
From studying life to society life
Although starting my master soon
In which I going to be a student again
Is not going to the same as compare with the past student life
Bearing the burdens and responsibilities

tak boleh tak boleh tak boleh.....
dont blinded by the eyes
1 Response
  1. jia yor jia yor...welcome to the reality of life