31st May 2012

Time flies..

Is the last day of May, a very happening May
Ended the day by yumcha with my seniors, my buddies and my juniors
Perhaps, this is the scene which can't found in any other uni
Where senior and junior can be so close
Sitting a mamak
Blow water till donwan to end like that
Appreciate such moment
Such situation is going to be lesser and lesser
As everyone will start busying with their new chapter of life

Starting to understand the situation, thinking and feeling of my hengtai, lekmon
By seeing the current position
I'm more lucky than him
Just, everything be simple, as I make it
Because I truly understand our position
Long run is much more important

ok, the end of May means the starting of June
Rather thinking finding a job
I should ask myself
What is my objective and how to achieve it
Still, haven't look much thing
Which is sufficient to give me a clear idea
Wishing each of everyone of us
Who start work soon:
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