25th June 2012

Time flies...

A black weekend I had
Met a accident on last saturday
When I was on the way back home from Subang
No one else to blame except myself
Careless in 2 seconds = the accident
Banged a wira backside when turn into a corner

Using limited resources to satisfy human's unlimited wants
Human are greedy
Including me
Sometimes All the time
No matter how great or good you are
A little imperfection is more than enough 
To destroy whatever reputation you build
Kinda down and disappointed actually
Seeing the respond from my parent
Who didn't care and show support
To me
Whenever I have trouble
When some unwanted incident happened
The only thing they do is believe on a person
Who always setting up fire in the family
And blindly kill off other person
With all those non-logic harsh words
I believe 2molo will be an another round of killing session
I ain't going to let myself get kill
I will be the survival
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