20th June 2012

Time flies..

The registration for my master is done
Will start my postgraduate study on Friday
Back as uni student status again
But is only available on Friday and Saturday
Whereas for weekday, I'm Structural Design Engineer for Perunding CSS

This is my blog
All the content were wrote by me
This mean all of these aren't wrote for fun
Shall execute everything I want to be or my promise
Whichever posted or wrote by me in any post
As the month of July reaching
My life seem to be clearer and fixer
Again, 2 years
To collect the resources, direction and time

Of course
A strong will wouldn't be success
If without a strong and healthy body
Stop wasting my time, time would not wait people
Sleep early whenever possible
Find excuses to sleep early
Don't find excuses not to sleep early
Base on the past
Build a greater Future

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