12th June 2012

Time flies..

First destination: Perunding CSS
A really unexpected destination
Everything happened too fast
How fast?
From appointment to interview to confirmation of employment
Everything happened in less than 24 hours
Very fast only ma... LOL
My primary task will be in structural design for low rise building
While the remaining tasks include infra and dealing with authorities

Will start the job on 2nd July
This means I actually 2 more weeks to rest
I want to do some homework, strengthen my basic foundation
And probably learn how to use the software which is using by Perunding CSS

Don't rush
Step by step
Path to success is form by step by step
3 months probation
Rule no.1: We never give up
Rule no.2: We always work hard
Rule no.3: We always crave for new knowledge
Rule no.4: If we ever think to lazy and give up, go to rule no.1,2 and 3

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