25th June 2012

Time flies...

A black weekend I had
Met a accident on last saturday
When I was on the way back home from Subang
No one else to blame except myself
Careless in 2 seconds = the accident
Banged a wira backside when turn into a corner

Using limited resources to satisfy human's unlimited wants
Human are greedy
Including me
Sometimes All the time
No matter how great or good you are
A little imperfection is more than enough 
To destroy whatever reputation you build
Kinda down and disappointed actually
Seeing the respond from my parent
Who didn't care and show support
To me
Whenever I have trouble
When some unwanted incident happened
The only thing they do is believe on a person
Who always setting up fire in the family
And blindly kill off other person
With all those non-logic harsh words
I believe 2molo will be an another round of killing session
I ain't going to let myself get kill
I will be the survival

20th June 2012

Time flies..

The registration for my master is done
Will start my postgraduate study on Friday
Back as uni student status again
But is only available on Friday and Saturday
Whereas for weekday, I'm Structural Design Engineer for Perunding CSS

This is my blog
All the content were wrote by me
This mean all of these aren't wrote for fun
Shall execute everything I want to be or my promise
Whichever posted or wrote by me in any post
As the month of July reaching
My life seem to be clearer and fixer
Again, 2 years
To collect the resources, direction and time

Of course
A strong will wouldn't be success
If without a strong and healthy body
Stop wasting my time, time would not wait people
Sleep early whenever possible
Find excuses to sleep early
Don't find excuses not to sleep early
Base on the past
Build a greater Future

19th June 2012

Time flies...

work and earn for others, not for ourself
no 'head' at the end

break the barrier
a 'head' on the top, at the end

Resources, Time, Direction
Are the key
to '立'

Is useless to 打拼 without a clear direction or life goal
Telling myself
2 Years
Rule no.1
Rule no.2
Rule no.3
Rule no.4

Don't waste the precious time.........

14th June 2012

Time flies..

Blink of eye
Another friday is coming......
Time flies.....

Power pack schedule on 2molo
As I have to go to Taylor's University to register my master
and at the same time collect my employment letter if it is ready on 2molo
Supposingly the above two should done on 2day
Somemhow, due to some poor management
Was forced to postpone to 2molo

orang baik
orang baik
Ain't easy to be orang baik
Not to blame anyone
Indeed, i should be thankful and grateful
Give myself sometime
To sort out every every everything......
The beginning of the false

13th June 2012

Time flies...

Didn't know I actually influenced a decision of my senior
Until the Rich Lee told me
"Saw a young grad engineer came into my office for interview today
and recalled that was me in that situation last year
Recall how eager I was to join as consulting engineer
Gonna continue striving and say bye to resignation"

Somehow, I want to strive as well
When I be part of the company start from next month!

12th June 2012

Time flies..

First destination: Perunding CSS
A really unexpected destination
Everything happened too fast
How fast?
From appointment to interview to confirmation of employment
Everything happened in less than 24 hours
Very fast only ma... LOL
My primary task will be in structural design for low rise building
While the remaining tasks include infra and dealing with authorities

Will start the job on 2nd July
This means I actually 2 more weeks to rest
I want to do some homework, strengthen my basic foundation
And probably learn how to use the software which is using by Perunding CSS

Don't rush
Step by step
Path to success is form by step by step
3 months probation
Rule no.1: We never give up
Rule no.2: We always work hard
Rule no.3: We always crave for new knowledge
Rule no.4: If we ever think to lazy and give up, go to rule no.1,2 and 3

10th June 2012

Time flies...

A funny incident in this morning
Where a stranger old uncle and aunt thought I still at the age of 16
When I told them my age, 23
The only believe with a very shocking and unbelievable expression
When I told them I doing my master soon..

No reason time for me to slack, lazy or snaking around
2 years, very fast only
After some good rest in past 2 weeks
Maybe, is time for me to make my decision
Without giving any excuses anymore.

I do believe
In every industry
They have their own rules of house
They have their own systems
They have their own formula
Understand the rules of house
Create a sustainable system
Inserting the right formula
Perhaps, this is what I should learn in this 2 years

9th June 2012

Time flies..

Besides environmental factor
The personalities, characteristic and thinking of a person
Is highly related and dependent to their friend
Yup, proven

Is always good to see persons around me
Doing better, better and better
This always motivate and drive me to do better than them
And ahead of them

Give all of us a 2 years time:
- Rule no.1: We never give up
- Rule no.2: We always work hard
- Rule no.3: We always crave for new knowledge
- Rule no.4: If we ever think of give up and lazy, go back to Rule no.1, 2 and 3
To achieve the main target we agreed:
Be dragon head dai ko/dai ka jie in next 2 years and be the youngest ever group of leader in Malaysia construction industry

7th June 2012

Time flies...

2molo is Fridayy..
A day which every working person looking toward it?
Perhaps soon I'm one of it? XD
Maybe yes maybe no
Depend on the job I have
As I haven't apply any of them
Still considering some concerns on the travelling time issue

A question to myself:
What am I doing at the age of 24?
How the whole industry will change?
What will my achievement in by age of 24?
Change + determination -> Improve

One thing I understand is
The oldest age people worked hard and earned hard
And store their money in bank
While the modern people think hard
To generate income for their own, using people money, by promising them with 'attractive' return
Which this agreement was tied to a lot of restrictions
Through the middle man and rewarding the middle man with even higher rewards than the owner?
The game of paper, which create imaginary economic

5th June 2012

Time flies..

Second day of allergic
Will be third day on 2molo
Based on 5 days normal distribution curse
2molo will be the worst
But, I'm hoping for better condition on 2molo
As it distracting my mood
To do anything except lazying in the home

I wish I could go to the pearl of the orient
To relax relax
And get some inspirations from there
Before deciding my career

3rd June 2012

Time flies..

Have a big big BBQ at my house
On yesterday
With a bunch of seniors, coursemate, juniors and lab officer
After yesterday
Unsure when we will have such gathering
Or greater gathering

Busy growing my mushroom today
Woke up at about 2.30pm
As expected
Immune system disordering again
Due to the alcohol on yesterday BBQ
Feel kinda weak
Doesn't want to work anything
Just sleep whole day

Emo? Emo?! Emo?!?
Well, I wouldn't said I'm emo..
Because I din't emo also.. haha
Maybe this is the transition
From studying life to society life
Although starting my master soon
In which I going to be a student again
Is not going to the same as compare with the past student life
Bearing the burdens and responsibilities

tak boleh tak boleh tak boleh.....
dont blinded by the eyes

31st May 2012

Time flies..

Is the last day of May, a very happening May
Ended the day by yumcha with my seniors, my buddies and my juniors
Perhaps, this is the scene which can't found in any other uni
Where senior and junior can be so close
Sitting a mamak
Blow water till donwan to end like that
Appreciate such moment
Such situation is going to be lesser and lesser
As everyone will start busying with their new chapter of life

Starting to understand the situation, thinking and feeling of my hengtai, lekmon
By seeing the current position
I'm more lucky than him
Just, everything be simple, as I make it
Because I truly understand our position
Long run is much more important

ok, the end of May means the starting of June
Rather thinking finding a job
I should ask myself
What is my objective and how to achieve it
Still, haven't look much thing
Which is sufficient to give me a clear idea
Wishing each of everyone of us
Who start work soon: