2nd May 2012

Time flies...

It can be the first in Malaysia
or maybe the world
Lightweight foamed concrete
Density: 900kg/m^3
28-Day compressive strength: 4.0MPa
but when no one know the existence of it
or no one appreciate it
It still remained as shit valueless
Unless the world know bout it
And appreciate it
It is all my hard work
It will be my precious baby all the time

maybe not only applicable to it
Might also applicable to it owner
I should change further improve the way I think
A small and tiny thing might be useless
But it could be playing a vital role during critical time
Which it can influence and change the whole consequences
It depend on how the thing was valued
How the thing is used based on its value during the situation
This is the story of Pidgey vs Onix
Never give up
Always change and adapt according to situation
Fail at present doesn't means fail at future
Fail at once doesn't means you will never success
The most important point is:
Present the value, change and adapt according to situation.

Countdown: 10days
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