28th May 2012

Time flies..

Couples of day to go
For me to rest myself
Patiently waiting the arrival of June
Another important month in this year
Which its mirror another chapter of my life and career
Or basically everything of my life

Somehow, I have to said that I still miss Setapak life.. haha
Maybe because I have too much of great and wonderful memories
With all my friends
In which I still wish to continue to have it with them
But this is life
At this moment, we apart at this junction
But we will meet at another junction at another moment

When I made the decision
I ad decided
To follow on it
Without allowing any other thing
To distract me from my path
And I don't think an explanation is needed
Just keep everything as usual
Or more usual than that of before
Almost repeat the same mistake
Must remember
Words from grandpa, grandma, datuk, parent, teacher and history
Standing on position I standing
I totally have no right to act without thinking
I totally have no right to act without caring the consequences
Stay strong
Stay alert
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