27th May 2012

Time flies...

That is the end of 5 day 4 night lovely CI Graduation Phuket Trip
Although the overall schedule is kinda messi..
but it still a happy and lovely trip
As long as we are gathered up
There will be full of the sound of laughing and happy.

After this
It will be difficult for us
With that amount of people
To gather up
And have a trip again
And pattern again
As everyone will busy with their new chapter of their life
I wish each of everyone of CI 08
Happy Graduation
And all the best in respective new chapter of life
Lets meet again at another junction of our life

Final semester examination results out on thursday
And I'm 3 仔
Graduated with Second Upper title
The target I set when I first step into my degree
So, mission accomplished
After some tough battle.. haha

Was disconnected to the world for bout 5 days
During my phuket trip
And during that period of time
This actually allow me to actually think deeply
Things happened around me
And everything can be related to a scene: Human crossing the road
After every consideration
I made a decision for my next move
I will work full time as an Civil Engineer
And at the same time study MBA part time
Tough? I have no idea how tough it will be
But I never expect something easy in my life
Because we have to pay for everything
Prepare to pay more when expecting something easy
This is what history taught
And is applied to everything

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