20th May 2012

Time flies..

Finally I could enjoy my HOLIDAYS
a true holiday for myself
where i nonit to rush, stress or pressure anything
Just eat, play and sleep

Went to JL's hometown, Pengerang again on last thursday
But this time, we got more members following us: han cheong, wei soon, ever sim, ing ying and yiwen
We bought our passport together along
So that we could enter Singapore, since it just beside Johor.. XD

We departed from Setapak around 6pm
As we done our works at 4 something
Have our dinner at Serdang
And continue on our journey
Reached Pengerang around 12.45am

Well, paid visits around Pengerang on next day
Right after we had our breakfast
In the evening
We went to Desaru, the beach sides
Where all the pattern pattern people do all kind of pattern again
Of course, I'm one of it.. XD

I would regard last Saturday as one of my happiest and lovely day in the year
For the first time, I went to Singapore
Reached Woodland Checkpoint
Took 170 bus to our first destination, Bugis
To find Yiting
The whole journey in bus took bout 1 hour and 15 minutes
Unexpected long.. lol
Have our lunch over there
And here we go, Sentosa
Spent whole afternoon over there
To tengok tengok, main main, angkat gambar
have our simple dinner at Vivocity

Back to KL on sunday
Is a memorable, relax, lovely trip
Especially the Singapore 1 day trip

Is 20th May 2012
Happy 520 again
My lovely junior... =)

Hopefully i'm powerful enough......
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