1st May 2012

Time flies...

I shall said that
Two years ago
On this day
Is the turning point of my life
Keeping and holding on the promise I make
I'm proving myself
in this two years
Should continue on at the present and the future

Coutdown 11 days
To my last paper of my Civil Degree
And at the same time maybe my degree life
5 years in UTAR
Is long long time
But time really flies.

Real life and Dream life
I own a formula
It is a breakthrough of bottle neck
Which it can be the first in Malaysia
And most probably the first in the world
What is my objective?
This is a very good question to myself
As it is like asking myself
The reason i start this research
Costing is the main reality problem
Which it might slightly higher
Nevertheless, I should be proud of myself
In succeeding what people have failed to do
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