30th May 2012

Time flies...

Went to Taylor's University Lakeside Campus today
To enquire my postgraduate study
Between Finance and Management
I choose
MBA major in Finance
No reason
Feel that I love Finance more than that of Management.. XD
Will start my master in the week of 18th June 2012

Maybe a lot of people will ask
Why don't I continue my master in engineering
My optimum answer will be
I have studied engineering for 4 years
Is time for me to study and learn
Ampai ampai finance and money
Furthermore, my interest still in Economic and Finance

1 and a half year duration
Throughout this period
I have no idea how my life will be
And I believe
Not only believe, is including determination and trust
Is going to be amazingly wonderfully challenging..
Working and studying at the same time

looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
looking for job
A job which will suit my time
And I could learn alot alot alot of thing
Take time to search
Most important
The job can suit my requirements

28th May 2012

Time flies..

Couples of day to go
For me to rest myself
Patiently waiting the arrival of June
Another important month in this year
Which its mirror another chapter of my life and career
Or basically everything of my life

Somehow, I have to said that I still miss Setapak life.. haha
Maybe because I have too much of great and wonderful memories
With all my friends
In which I still wish to continue to have it with them
But this is life
At this moment, we apart at this junction
But we will meet at another junction at another moment

When I made the decision
I ad decided
To follow on it
Without allowing any other thing
To distract me from my path
And I don't think an explanation is needed
Just keep everything as usual
Or more usual than that of before
Almost repeat the same mistake
Must remember
Words from grandpa, grandma, datuk, parent, teacher and history
Standing on position I standing
I totally have no right to act without thinking
I totally have no right to act without caring the consequences
Stay strong
Stay alert

27th May 2012

Time flies...

That is the end of 5 day 4 night lovely CI Graduation Phuket Trip
Although the overall schedule is kinda messi..
but it still a happy and lovely trip
As long as we are gathered up
There will be full of the sound of laughing and happy.

After this
It will be difficult for us
With that amount of people
To gather up
And have a trip again
And pattern again
As everyone will busy with their new chapter of their life
I wish each of everyone of CI 08
Happy Graduation
And all the best in respective new chapter of life
Lets meet again at another junction of our life

Final semester examination results out on thursday
And I'm 3 仔
Graduated with Second Upper title
The target I set when I first step into my degree
So, mission accomplished
After some tough battle.. haha

Was disconnected to the world for bout 5 days
During my phuket trip
And during that period of time
This actually allow me to actually think deeply
Things happened around me
And everything can be related to a scene: Human crossing the road
After every consideration
I made a decision for my next move
I will work full time as an Civil Engineer
And at the same time study MBA part time
Tough? I have no idea how tough it will be
But I never expect something easy in my life
Because we have to pay for everything
Prepare to pay more when expecting something easy
This is what history taught
And is applied to everything

20th May 2012

Time flies..

Finally I could enjoy my HOLIDAYS
a true holiday for myself
where i nonit to rush, stress or pressure anything
Just eat, play and sleep

Went to JL's hometown, Pengerang again on last thursday
But this time, we got more members following us: han cheong, wei soon, ever sim, ing ying and yiwen
We bought our passport together along
So that we could enter Singapore, since it just beside Johor.. XD

We departed from Setapak around 6pm
As we done our works at 4 something
Have our dinner at Serdang
And continue on our journey
Reached Pengerang around 12.45am

Well, paid visits around Pengerang on next day
Right after we had our breakfast
In the evening
We went to Desaru, the beach sides
Where all the pattern pattern people do all kind of pattern again
Of course, I'm one of it.. XD

I would regard last Saturday as one of my happiest and lovely day in the year
For the first time, I went to Singapore
Reached Woodland Checkpoint
Took 170 bus to our first destination, Bugis
To find Yiting
The whole journey in bus took bout 1 hour and 15 minutes
Unexpected long.. lol
Have our lunch over there
And here we go, Sentosa
Spent whole afternoon over there
To tengok tengok, main main, angkat gambar
have our simple dinner at Vivocity

Back to KL on sunday
Is a memorable, relax, lovely trip
Especially the Singapore 1 day trip

Is 20th May 2012
Happy 520 again
My lovely junior... =)

Hopefully i'm powerful enough......

13th May 2012

Time flies..

I have some free time to update some moments in my life
After 1 year foundation + 4 years degree
I'm unofficial graduate from my Bachelor of Hons Civil Engineering
On 12th May, 11am after finished the last paper, Engineering Economic
After photo session
We had our lunch at Together Cafe
Follow by that was pool + guys talk session at BrewBall

Having mixed feeling at the moment
Time really flies..
5 years passed
I going to leave utar very very very soon
Right after I complete my research assistant task
And submit 2 conference papers
For sure
I'm going to miss all my utar's friends, coursemate and juniorssss
I believe that we still got the opportunity to meet up
Because the world very small only ma.. XD
And Klang isn't very far from Setapak, approximately 1 hr
Got free time, then yumcha loh.. haha

Next: enjoy my holiday
Before finalized my new path

9th May 2012

Time flies...

A very simple and basic question to myself:
Am I ready for it?
Doubted myself
And based on the reaction
I'm assured
I ain't ready for it
Action will be taken whenever I'm 100% for it
No matter what is the consequences.
Without compromising the consequences.

Oh ya..
Countdown 3 days
To my last paper in Civil Engineering
Engineering Economic is promoted to 1st of everything
Important + Urgent

Waiting the right time to
Unfold the untold

8th May 2012

Time flies..

Just when I thought I finished my master class FYP report and thesis paper
And preparing to hand up
And I could relax after this
Out of sudden
I have to write 2 more papers
for submisson to IEEE conference, titled: Sustainable Utilization and Development in Engineering and Technology 2012

I should proud of myself
As my works are qualify for submission to conference
Besides, from the data and figure
I actually can form and submit 2 papers
1 FYP report + 3 papers in 1 month time
My brain was yielded to the max
In return
I got very high satisfactory yield
As I got the chances to present my works to the world
As I got the chances to learn how to write a journal paper
As I got the chances to learn and experience something which not much undergraduate student can do on it
From all the above
I really wish to express my gratitude to my FYP supervisor, Dr.Lim
For his countless and patient guidance and teaching.

Lets pray and hope
My submission will be success
And my papers will be accept and adopt into Scopus or ISI. =)

7th May 2012

Time flies...

Going to finish up my FYP report and thesis
After almost a year of hard works
Few more corrections
And I'm done
'A' in the pocket. =)

Back from yumcha
And counting down the day left
Where we actually can come out, sit down together, blow water together at mamak
This will be a rare occasion when we graduates from UTAR
I'm appreciating every moment and time left
Must not compromise the values of Family and Friend
While driving myself in my career

In deep oxymoron state
The timing just isn't the right one
While I'm rushing with the time
Maybe too much unknowns
Which awaiting me to answer 
One by one
Using very limited resources or idea

6th May 2012

Time flies..

Looking at the mix proportions
Looking at all the data
Looking at all the results
It still can improve especially in term of it cost
Without compromising it strength and density

No point for me to keep sighing
Without trying or doing anything
Although the time seen to be quite insufficient for me
I will do whatever I could do in within the time left

Keep up my efforts
Keep up my hard work
Keep up my dream
Reformation is possible and can be done by me
And Yes, I can do it

2nd May 2012

Time flies...

It can be the first in Malaysia
or maybe the world
Lightweight foamed concrete
Density: 900kg/m^3
28-Day compressive strength: 4.0MPa
but when no one know the existence of it
or no one appreciate it
It still remained as shit valueless
Unless the world know bout it
And appreciate it
It is all my hard work
It will be my precious baby all the time

maybe not only applicable to it
Might also applicable to it owner
I should change further improve the way I think
A small and tiny thing might be useless
But it could be playing a vital role during critical time
Which it can influence and change the whole consequences
It depend on how the thing was valued
How the thing is used based on its value during the situation
This is the story of Pidgey vs Onix
Never give up
Always change and adapt according to situation
Fail at present doesn't means fail at future
Fail at once doesn't means you will never success
The most important point is:
Present the value, change and adapt according to situation.

Countdown: 10days

1st May 2012

Time flies...

I shall said that
Two years ago
On this day
Is the turning point of my life
Keeping and holding on the promise I make
I'm proving myself
in this two years
Should continue on at the present and the future

Coutdown 11 days
To my last paper of my Civil Degree
And at the same time maybe my degree life
5 years in UTAR
Is long long time
But time really flies.

Real life and Dream life
I own a formula
It is a breakthrough of bottle neck
Which it can be the first in Malaysia
And most probably the first in the world
What is my objective?
This is a very good question to myself
As it is like asking myself
The reason i start this research
Costing is the main reality problem
Which it might slightly higher
Nevertheless, I should be proud of myself
In succeeding what people have failed to do