26th April 2012

Time flies..

Knowing the time left
The moment
I woke up in the morning
I knew
I was one step nearer to the last day
As UTAR student

Was freak out by a call, from my friend
As he passing instruction from Dr.Lim
Asking us to submit my FYP draft on 2molo
Nothing wrong with the submission
Just, it is the wrong timing
When I was working and doing hard for my Dynamics revision
Which I going to take that subject paper on this friday
My rationalized brain told me: just do the dynamics
Don't care the report first
Thanks to Jiun Leong, Dr.Lim postponed the submission date to next monday
1 day away
Focus, Focus and Focus

Maybe I too kepochi
But, Somehow
Quite worried some of my friends
One, because of relationship problems + academic pressure -> Ever Sim
One, because of poor academic result -> Jiun Leong
Hoping all the best for them
Besides doing what I could do for them

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