25th April 2012

Time flies...

Maybe this applied to every human on earth
Which always sometime including myself
Due to the changes of the trend, the environment, the real life

Human always think they are the best
They deserve the best than concurrent
They can found a better than concurrent
Sometime or Most of the time
Nope, it wasn't when they founded out they missed the best in their life
Missed out the best and its belongs to others
No other to blame except yourself

People are blinded by what they see
True story?
The time prove everything
Unfold the Untold
I just need to carry on my life, add-on values in it, improve it
Rather than doing unnecessary thing to impress someone
As I described on the above

What is Failure
Definitely, is not an embarrassment
People who laugh at people failure
Is weak person who always cover up their failure
Rather than face it, learn from it and lastly improve it
Failure at present doesn't mean failure in future
Most importantly, be strong and tough
To go against it

Little surprise and unexpectedness for me on today
Receive a message from Alvin on this afternoon
Last week he was asking me to yumcha
I postponed to this week as I was outstation for the whole week
As I thought it was a normal yumcha session
He suddenly introduce me Amway
Quite shock and surprise
Because really unexpected
But, I still listen to what he trying to present to me
And maybe I should thanks him
As his word
Actually awaken me
Not because of Amway
But is what I wishing and wanted in the past and in the present and in the future
To build and achieve something great together with a group of buddies I trusted
Yup. This is the best answer to my question on myself
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