23rd April 2012

Time flies..

Another remarkable day
When the word 'last' was added on to whatever you are doing right now
You will know
You are not far away
From ending the thing soon

I have my very last presentation for my Bachelor of Hons Civil Engineering
On today
Is a FYP presentation
Titled Lightweight Foamed Concrete Incorporate with Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA)
Supervisor: Dr.Lim Siong Kang
Moderator: Dr.Lee Khia Min

Was rushing the report by hoping that I could pass up the draft on today
Somehow, there are a lot of parts haven't done yet
Luckily, managed to done the results part
Which is the main main points for my presentation
Blows for about 10 minutes
A very unexpected quick and short Q&A session
The end...

4 days away to my last second exam paper, Dynamics
17 days away to my last exam paper, Engineering Economic
After that?
Rest and Enjoy and Plan and Initiate

Maybe in that case
The only thing I could do is create positive energy
Where this positive energy is much more important
In allowing breaking through the current situation.
Try my best.
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