13th April 2012

Time flies..

Was busying with all my thing
Till I have the little extra time to mark down all the thing happening
Around me recently..
Somehow, I really wish to start my 1st post in april today

Talking back what I was busy in recently last semester
Of course, I will back to same old topics
FYP, assignments, events, leading

13th April
Truly is a remarkable day for me
I went to mamak yumcha with sim, mcc, kathao, ervin, ever, yiting, yennee till 4.15am
Went back home re-do my Engineering Economic assignment
Expecting I can finish it in within 2 hours
Manatau drag till 8am+ only finish..
It is still a very high efficiency ratio assignment.. XD
Then attended my LAST lecture and tutorial class in my degree life
Didn't notice bout it till saw my friend posted a comment on it
Really time flies..
Yet, more remarkable thing still coming
Today is CI Movie Day
Very first course in UTAR to have such event
Where students from same course gathered up
To forge and have interaction between seniors and juniors
88 of us watch Battleship, follows by 57 person yumcha at Steven's corner

yeah.. today is a day to remember
after all the amazing and stunning thing we did
CI Family
Is glad and great to see CI family
Is getting stronger and stronger
Is getting more and more unite
These positive cultures
Which are incorporating slowly into them
Will definitely create a positive atmosphere
Which is very benefits to their personal development

Time to sleep
After 1day+ didn't sleep
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