28th April 2012

Time flies..

Taylor University, Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Will be my next destination?
Is an ordinary relax afternoon
Out of sudden
My mum talk to me
And she signaled me
To go there take my master
After I done my Civil Engineering degree at UTAR
Somehow, I haven't make any final decision
relax and enjoy first... XD

Is 428
A remarkable day in Malaysia history
Bersih 3.0 + Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia rallies
100,000 people
Were on the street

I didn't join the rally
If I'm 4 years back
I will join
Understanding the position I'm standing
Understanding the responsibility I'm bearing
Or I shall said
I truly understand the purpose and the message trying to bring by the rally
I will use the vote on my hand wisely
during the next general election

Yang berusaha telah berusaha
Sesungguhnya berlakunya kekasaran
Antara pihak berkuatkuasa dengan rakyat
Ia telah menyatupadukan seluruh rakyat Malaysia
Tak kira apa-apa kaum dan umur
Dan ia membawa maksud kepada pemerintah Malaysia
Yang Rakyat, adalah berada di pangkat teratas
Bukanlah pegawai-pegawai atau menteri-menteri yang dipilih oleh Rakyat

26th April 2012

Time flies..

Knowing the time left
The moment
I woke up in the morning
I knew
I was one step nearer to the last day
As UTAR student

Was freak out by a call, from my friend
As he passing instruction from Dr.Lim
Asking us to submit my FYP draft on 2molo
Nothing wrong with the submission
Just, it is the wrong timing
When I was working and doing hard for my Dynamics revision
Which I going to take that subject paper on this friday
My rationalized brain told me: just do the dynamics
Don't care the report first
Thanks to Jiun Leong, Dr.Lim postponed the submission date to next monday
1 day away
Focus, Focus and Focus

Maybe I too kepochi
But, Somehow
Quite worried some of my friends
One, because of relationship problems + academic pressure -> Ever Sim
One, because of poor academic result -> Jiun Leong
Hoping all the best for them
Besides doing what I could do for them

25th April 2012

Time flies...

Maybe this applied to every human on earth
Which always sometime including myself
Due to the changes of the trend, the environment, the real life

Human always think they are the best
They deserve the best than concurrent
They can found a better than concurrent
Sometime or Most of the time
Nope, it wasn't when they founded out they missed the best in their life
Missed out the best and its belongs to others
No other to blame except yourself

People are blinded by what they see
True story?
The time prove everything
Unfold the Untold
I just need to carry on my life, add-on values in it, improve it
Rather than doing unnecessary thing to impress someone
As I described on the above

What is Failure
Definitely, is not an embarrassment
People who laugh at people failure
Is weak person who always cover up their failure
Rather than face it, learn from it and lastly improve it
Failure at present doesn't mean failure in future
Most importantly, be strong and tough
To go against it

Little surprise and unexpectedness for me on today
Receive a message from Alvin on this afternoon
Last week he was asking me to yumcha
I postponed to this week as I was outstation for the whole week
As I thought it was a normal yumcha session
He suddenly introduce me Amway
Quite shock and surprise
Because really unexpected
But, I still listen to what he trying to present to me
And maybe I should thanks him
As his word
Actually awaken me
Not because of Amway
But is what I wishing and wanted in the past and in the present and in the future
To build and achieve something great together with a group of buddies I trusted
Yup. This is the best answer to my question on myself

24th April 2012

Time flies..

Rationalize the brain frequency
To keep myself
Knowing the distance
Knowing the yes
Knowing the no
Knowing the possibility
Knowing the short run
Knowing the long run

Remember the past
Remember the advice
Be Rational

23rd April 2012

Time flies..

Another remarkable day
When the word 'last' was added on to whatever you are doing right now
You will know
You are not far away
From ending the thing soon

I have my very last presentation for my Bachelor of Hons Civil Engineering
On today
Is a FYP presentation
Titled Lightweight Foamed Concrete Incorporate with Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA)
Supervisor: Dr.Lim Siong Kang
Moderator: Dr.Lee Khia Min

Was rushing the report by hoping that I could pass up the draft on today
Somehow, there are a lot of parts haven't done yet
Luckily, managed to done the results part
Which is the main main points for my presentation
Blows for about 10 minutes
A very unexpected quick and short Q&A session
The end...

4 days away to my last second exam paper, Dynamics
17 days away to my last exam paper, Engineering Economic
After that?
Rest and Enjoy and Plan and Initiate

Maybe in that case
The only thing I could do is create positive energy
Where this positive energy is much more important
In allowing breaking through the current situation.
Try my best.

21st April 2012

Time flies..

That's the end of UTM International Bridge Model Competition 2012
Failed to lift up one of my promise to myself
Kick the team to the success
The only consolation we got from this competition
Is the Silver Award for our Bridge of Sun
Well, this competition shall be the last time
We: me, tatming, mah, zhen wei and wanshing
grouped together
and take part in competition
Thanks for all the trusts and believe putting on me
Somehow, I'm sorry
I failed to lead the team to success
Which we are hunger for
Although we failed at this point
I strongly believe
From the experience we past down to our junior
They will able to do something for us
Achieving what we have missed out

I can feel and imagine how the situation was
For that night
I truly wish I was there
It will remain as dream
Not putting too much hope on it
Just keep a distance away
The only thing I could do is
Knowing where is the limit
Do the right thing at right time

A Thousand years...

13th April 2012

Time flies..

Was busying with all my thing
Till I have the little extra time to mark down all the thing happening
Around me recently..
Somehow, I really wish to start my 1st post in april today

Talking back what I was busy in recently last semester
Of course, I will back to same old topics
FYP, assignments, events, leading

13th April
Truly is a remarkable day for me
I went to mamak yumcha with sim, mcc, kathao, ervin, ever, yiting, yennee till 4.15am
Went back home re-do my Engineering Economic assignment
Expecting I can finish it in within 2 hours
Manatau drag till 8am+ only finish..
It is still a very high efficiency ratio assignment.. XD
Then attended my LAST lecture and tutorial class in my degree life
Didn't notice bout it till saw my friend posted a comment on it
Really time flies..
Yet, more remarkable thing still coming
Today is CI Movie Day
Very first course in UTAR to have such event
Where students from same course gathered up
To forge and have interaction between seniors and juniors
88 of us watch Battleship, follows by 57 person yumcha at Steven's corner

yeah.. today is a day to remember
after all the amazing and stunning thing we did
CI Family
Is glad and great to see CI family
Is getting stronger and stronger
Is getting more and more unite
These positive cultures
Which are incorporating slowly into them
Will definitely create a positive atmosphere
Which is very benefits to their personal development

Time to sleep
After 1day+ didn't sleep