6th March 2012

Time flies..

No inspiration to do proposal
No inspiration to do assignment
No inspiration to do other people assignment
Here goes
An Inspiration-less night
All my works are suspended
Until the inspiration came

6th March
Really counting down my days in UTAR
tons of works haven settle
2molo will be last batch of my FYP casting
After tat is waiting the days and take results
Hopefully everything is ALRIGHT

I have taken out my babies from the steam curing tank
Looks nice and stronger
Somehow, based on my observation
The strength is still haven reach the minimum requirements, 4.0MPa
Shall wait for another 21 days, which is the 28-day
Hopefully the pozzolanic reaction continue on...
Urging all my babies to grow n grow n grow
I shall see their 7-day strength on 2molo... excited!

I duno
but i trying hard to give a try
And forcing myself
Breakthrough or failure
Fail until success to breakthrough myself.
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