25th March 2012

Time flies..

there goes another weekend
a relax and healthy weekend
I should said

emo, emo and emo
Of course
Don't misunderstood
I ain't the one emo
Friends around me
Mostly or in other word,
Everything started with the word, "PROBLEM"

Maybe is the revolution of the generation
Where the generation is slowly changing
From independent to dependent
Due to this revolution
Current generation tends to actually evade problems occur
Or, in general, they can't handle themself when they facing the problem
This will be the starting point
Where they actually starting to loss their point of direction in their life

For once,
I was in the case too
I managed to out from the mist
And I think
This is a must go through point
In every single person life in the world
In order to actually grow up and improve

The only thing I could do is
Sharing my personal experience to them
Hoping that they will actually make up their mind

"Knowing the direction
And just go for it"
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