15th March 2012

Time flies...

Really flies..
Is thursday
Another week ending soon
Pass this week with some tight schedule
As usual
Spent most of my morning and afternoon
At Campus
Besides attending lecture and tutorial class
The rest of the time
I will be at Civil Lab
To do concrete casting

Have submitted the bridge model competition proposal
On yesterday
Hopefully will be selected for final round competition
Miss out the green idea proposal submission
The due date was 13th March
While I thought it should be on 2molo

Done a quick health screening by NKF on today
Overall are good, but not excellent
Except sugar content in my bloos
Doesn't know really is affect by the lunch i took this afternoon
Or i shall control my eating habit. XD
Kurang manis for whatever drink i ordered
Shall do more exercise -> jog more & basketball =)

Competing with time
I don't have much 7-day left
I don't have much 28-day left
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