28th March 2012

Time flies..

When the right time met opportunity
And I'm grab it
The followings are possible and got chances:


25th March 2012

Time flies..

there goes another weekend
a relax and healthy weekend
I should said

emo, emo and emo
Of course
Don't misunderstood
I ain't the one emo
Friends around me
Mostly or in other word,
Everything started with the word, "PROBLEM"

Maybe is the revolution of the generation
Where the generation is slowly changing
From independent to dependent
Due to this revolution
Current generation tends to actually evade problems occur
Or, in general, they can't handle themself when they facing the problem
This will be the starting point
Where they actually starting to loss their point of direction in their life

For once,
I was in the case too
I managed to out from the mist
And I think
This is a must go through point
In every single person life in the world
In order to actually grow up and improve

The only thing I could do is
Sharing my personal experience to them
Hoping that they will actually make up their mind

"Knowing the direction
And just go for it"

23rd March 2012

Time flies...

Say Anything...
I have alot of thing to say
Is not the right time
To say out
To speak out
To express out

I am waiting the time...
I am waiting the right time...
To make any move
The next 2 months
Is going to be decisive month
On my future...

Never give up
I'm close to the answer
Work hard
Work smartly
Work brilliantly

21st March 2012

Time flies..

Kinda surprising..
I would said that
At the moment
The only person
Who really understand
What is going on
What am I doing
Dr.Lim SK
My FYP supervisor

Going to finish my degree SOON
Mixed feeling.....

16th March 2012

Time flies...

I have the confident
I can get 4.0 for density less than 1000 for 28-days
This is the commitment to myself
Seeing others as my inspiration
To work hard
And To achieve my dream

Simple life
Define it
I shall said it depend on personal comfort zone
As long as one is happy with current life
Knowing what they want
Knowing how to achieve what they want in future
This should be classified as simple life
Whether the progress
Is tough
Or Is difficult
Or full of resistant
One can't achieve simple life if they never put any efforts in it

As I said
Knowing what you want
Definitely is the most important
Is like inside a deep forest
Doesn't know the direction
Definitely increase the danger probability
Which may lead to hurt and damage to yourself

15th March 2012

Time flies...

Really flies..
Is thursday
Another week ending soon
Pass this week with some tight schedule
As usual
Spent most of my morning and afternoon
At Campus
Besides attending lecture and tutorial class
The rest of the time
I will be at Civil Lab
To do concrete casting

Have submitted the bridge model competition proposal
On yesterday
Hopefully will be selected for final round competition
Miss out the green idea proposal submission
The due date was 13th March
While I thought it should be on 2molo

Done a quick health screening by NKF on today
Overall are good, but not excellent
Except sugar content in my bloos
Doesn't know really is affect by the lunch i took this afternoon
Or i shall control my eating habit. XD
Kurang manis for whatever drink i ordered
Shall do more exercise -> jog more & basketball =)

Competing with time
I don't have much 7-day left
I don't have much 28-day left

14th March 2012

Time flies..

Patient, patient and patient
But do i have the time to patient?
Watching the time passing
Although there is a positive progress
Somehow, need a great breakthrough
Urging my babies to have breakthrough in term of strength
Trying my best

Follow my ways
Based on
What I see
What I learn
What I know
What I can

12th March 2012

Time flies.

Countdown: 60 days in UTAR

The draft of final exam timetable is out
My very last paper in UTAR will be on 12th May 2012
Time flies....

After 3 months of trial and error
I can taste some 'sweet head'
I knew we shouldn't stop at here
Because we ain't at the top yet
A little 'sweet head' is a momentum for us to go further
Keep going till the last day

Alot alot alot of to do thing in my list
Yet, I still slacking like a boss
Waiting last minutes, so that very high efficiency will turn on?
Was forcing myself out from comfort zone
To do so
I really need a superman physical and mental..lol

"Knowing what I want
Just Do it"

6th March 2012

Time flies..

No inspiration to do proposal
No inspiration to do assignment
No inspiration to do other people assignment
Here goes
An Inspiration-less night
All my works are suspended
Until the inspiration came

6th March
Really counting down my days in UTAR
tons of works haven settle
2molo will be last batch of my FYP casting
After tat is waiting the days and take results
Hopefully everything is ALRIGHT

I have taken out my babies from the steam curing tank
Looks nice and stronger
Somehow, based on my observation
The strength is still haven reach the minimum requirements, 4.0MPa
Shall wait for another 21 days, which is the 28-day
Hopefully the pozzolanic reaction continue on...
Urging all my babies to grow n grow n grow
I shall see their 7-day strength on 2molo... excited!

I duno
but i trying hard to give a try
And forcing myself
Breakthrough or failure
Fail until success to breakthrough myself.

3rd March 2012 II

The only 遗憾 for tonight
Is she turned down my invitation

What if she agreed to be my partner for UTAR Ball 2012?
A question I never thought of
Make a big different?
Maybe yes
Maybe no

Either yes or no
I still have to attend the Ball
Her present could make big different for tonight
And for my life

Without her presence
Tonight is still a great night
With all my classmate, coursemate, uni friends....

I would said that
I can have thousand of trial and error in casting concrete
an error in handling this matter could actually cost me a friendship
Which I afraid of

Thinking too much
Following the fate...
DOing the right thing at right time
Will lead me to the truth

3rd March 2012

Time flies..

Counting down the moment at UTAR
Never ever regret to be part of CI 08 big family

Especially after today UTAR Ball 2012, Croisiere de Milan
I can conclude that
We are the best that UTAR will ever see in terms of unity, insanity, group outings, group events, group photos
We have occupied 4 tables out of 66 tables
The only course who have the most number of table
Our voice was loud enough to rock the ballroom
We are crazy enough to make the event rocks

Is glad that
Each of everyone of us
Is so appreciate the moment
Where we are together

Is a great and memorable night
Is a great and memorable moment
In my universiti's life

Is march
Is time to divert my concentration
To my study SERIOUSLY