7th February 2012

Time flies..

Chinese New Year has come to the end
Shall said that i had a great Chinese New Year this year

eating holiao
With my friendsssssssss
This is how i past my Chinese New Year

Is glad that i met a great person on last saturday
Mr. Pua Khein Seng, Founder and CEO of Philson Electronics
Which is also the inventor of USB flash memory
He gave a talk, titled 'Driven to success'
he prove to me that
my theory is on the right track.. =)
I brought lekmon along with me to attend the talk
I think this Mr.Pua talks definitely give him some ideas to the situation he facing

Grandma was admitted to hospital again
Almost ffk the dinner
Until mum said i can go after the dinner
Dropped mum and dad at Sunway Medical Center
Then meet up with they all at sunway pyramid
Visit grandma right after the dinner
Hope grandma will recover soon
And stay healthy
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