17th February 2012

Time flies..

Is friday
The busy week isn't ending here
But will extend to 2molo!
2 events + 1 test
Filled up all my timeslot in this week

Organized tug of war on tuesday
Everything went smoothly except during the final
Where the rain starting to rain
Was forced to postpone to thursday
Was in Team MILO
We managed to enter final
And had hard fight with TEAM QS
Before we lose to them in final round
Anyhow, WELL DONE team

Wednesday was dynamics test
Instead of studying
I spent more time on 1st UTAR Build and break Competition
As many problems occurs
And it actually distracting me
Disallow me to really focus on my revision
2 questions, only know 1
No excuses on it
Shall do better in remaining coursework and of course, the final

Is the DAY
1st UTAR Build and Break Competition 2012
Orgaized by CI 08, using the name of department of Civil Engineering and IEM Student Chapter
Feel very excited
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